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What Type Of Cases Noll Law Office Handles – Part 1 of 2

View the video interview here: What Type Of Cases Noll Law Office Handles

Dan: First question I have for you Dan is what kind of cases do you guys handle?

Daniel: That’s a great question Dan and it’s a question that when looking for an attorney no matter whether it’s criminal or any other type of law you want to be able to understand the types of cases that the attorneys handle. Our office concentrates in criminal defense, that’s traffic; DUI; misdemeanor; felonies; murders in both state and federal court. We’ve handled everything from speeding tickets to triple murder death penalty cases in federal court and everything in between.

Dan: Okay, so what types of cases are typically the most costly for someone accused of a crime?

Daniel: The most costly I suppose monetarily in terms of attorneys fees can be some of the more complex white collar litigation where there’s hundreds of thousands if not millions of pages of documents to go through; murder cases. Our fee, we don’t have set fees per type of case, each case is like a snowflake, they’re all individual. What we do is we offer free initial consultations for perspective clients to come in; sit down with us; meet us; discuss their case; try to figure out what’s all involved; and then we will quote a fee. Obviously a speeding ticket from our standpoint is less complicated then a murder case or bank fraud case and they’re cheaper. When we’re looking at a case we determine what amount of time that we estimate we would put into the case and when basing our fees off that.

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