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What Type Of Cases Noll Law Office Handles – Part 2 of 2

View the video interview here: What Type Of Cases Noll Law Office Handles

Dan: Gotcha, so what types of cases are the most common in your area and in your law firm?

Daniel: Sangamon County, we’re located in Springfield Illinois which is the county seat of Sangamon County Illinois. Sangamon County on average every year is about fifty to sixty-five thousand traffic tickets, that could be speeding tickets; improper lane usage; driving on a suspended license; reckless driving. Sangamon County averages about twelve-hundred to fifteen-hundred DUI’s a year. That’s driving under the influence of alcohol and those are misdemeanor DUI’s. We average approximately a thousand to fifteen-hundred felonies and the same amount of criminal misdemeanors each year. In our office we handle … Our typical cases we handle a lot of drug cases; manufactured delivery of cocaine; heroin; possession of drugs; a lot of gun possession of a weapon by a felon; discharging; murder cases; we do a number of DUI’s each year; and a number of traffic cases.
Is there a particular typical case for us, not really no, but we handle in Springfield anything that walks thought the door that’s involved in criminal law. That does not include federal cases either, we handle a number of federal cases. There can be federal drug crimes; federal gun crimes; white collar crimes; that can be bank fraud; wire fraud; tax fraud; conspiracies, any number of conspiracies; conspiracies to commit fraud; conspiracies to distribute drugs; and so our office really looks at each case on an individual basis and takes them as they come through the door.

Dan: Wow you guys do a lot over there. What type of higher profile cases have you been involved in? Anything that you can talk about?

Daniel: Yes, our firm has been around for forty, fifty years now. I work with my father Jon Gray Noll who’s also an attorney and a partner here. We’ve been involved in a number of high profile cases, some pending which I can’t discuss a whole lot at this point, some past cases. I’d say in the past five to ten years some of our more well known cases.
For more of this interview see: High Profile Cases Handled By Noll Law Office.

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