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High Profile Cases Handled By Noll Law Office

View the video interview here: High Profile Cases Handled By Noll Law Office

Dan: What type of higher profile cases have you been involved in? Anything that you can talk about?

Daniel: Yes, our firm has been around for forty, fifty years now. I work with my father Jon Gray Noll who’s also an attorney and a partner here and we’ve been involved in a number of high profile cases, some pending which I can’t discuss a whole lot at this point, some past cases. I’d say in the past five to ten years some of our more well known cases locally would have been the federal triple murder death penalty case we handled that was “US v. Freddell Bryant” which occurred. The case went to trial in Illinois, we had “People versus Shirley Skinner” which was a murder case that garnered some national attention. They’re doing I think coming up pretty soon some sort of news recreation of it on a NBC or something. Recently we had represented a gentleman by the name of Donnell Jackson. Mr. Jackson, in that case we were the first law-firm and he was the first individual to challenge in Illinois ‘The aggravated unlawful use of a weapons statue’. Subsequent to the seven circuits ruling in “Moore v. Madigan”, which deemed the law unconstitutional and we were ultimately successful on that.
Currently we’re involved in a number of cases. We represent the city of Springfield in a FOIA case which has garnered a lot of media attention through the alleged shredding of documents. We’re involved in a couple of attempted murder cases; multi state, multi defendant drug conspiracies right now.

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