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Why To Hire A Lawyer For Speeding Tickets In Springfield IL – Part 1 of 2

View the video interview here: Why To Hire A Lawyer For Speeding Tickets In Springfield IL

Dan: I’m driving through Illinois and I get a speeding ticket. Why would I be better off if I don’t show up at court and try to work out a deal on my own with the prosecutor, DA, or whoever does that for the local courts?

Daniel: Well if you are out of state, which for purposes of this conversation let’s assume you don’t live in Illinois, you live in Missouri or Iowa. The benefit is, number one, being out of state you can pay a certain amount of money and receive a conviction on that ticket and you will never have to show up to court. Doing that you could receive points on your license. If you have a CDL it could count against your license, and those things can be costly in the long run. The other benefit, that option only exists, that you don’t need to hire an attorney, you can pay a fine and you’ll get a conviction on your license.
Hiring our firm, we’ll do a number of things. Number one, we appear in court for you and you never have to come to Springfield. We will talk to the prosecutor, work out a deal. We’ve had cases dismissed for out of state clients. When I say work out a deal, what we try to do is protect peoples’ licenses. That’s done a number of ways. One, try to get an amended ticket so it doesn’t count for points on peoples’ licenses. Illinois does not have a point system but we’re familiar that a lot of states do. I’m a former traffic prosecutor who has handled tens of thousands of traffic tickets in my career.
We also look at court supervision as an option. We will take care of everything from start to finish. That means we’ll get your fine paid, we’ll get it all worked out, but everything is done through communication with our client so they’re up to date with what’s going and they approve everything. We just don’t go in and take care of their case without them knowing. We are very, very successful and have a high track record of success in helping people get these cases taken care of, taken care of beneficially, so at the end of the day they are able to continue driving and it doesn’t cost them any time and aggravation.

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