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Why To Hire A Lawyer For Speeding Tickets In Springfield IL – Part 2 of 2

View the video interview here: Why To Hire A Lawyer For Speeding Tickets In Springfield IL

Dan: Got you. If I’m local to Illinois, in the Springfield area, is there still a benefit to using your services? Maybe you can give just a much more brief answer for that one because you’ve already told us a lot of the details.

Daniel: As attorneys, it’s in our best interest to always say it’s good to get an attorney. Often that is the case. We are trained for three years in a law school and then however long you’ve been practicing law, and it is important to have an attorney to see that you are treated fairly. At times, if you’re speeding then you’re speeding. You can go in and get the punishment. But sometimes the officers will screw up the paperwork or there’s mitigating evidence of why you should get a lesser sentence, or the attorneys can work out a better deal than a person who just walks into court. Is that always the case? No. But most of our traffic clients are out of the Springfield area. Most people in Springfield just go to court and represent themselves which is not a bad move for them to take. It can get a little bit more tricky when car accidents are involved, dealing with insurance companies and other parties. To give a blanket answer, it’s always best to have an attorney. Is it always necessary? That’s at the discretion of the person who is cited the ticket.

Dan: Well, the bottom line sounds like you’re going to save me time and, in the long run, money for keeping my insurance from going up, and then also give me some piece of mind that everything is being taken care of by a professional.

Daniel: Correct. That’s what we hope to do.

Dan: Got you. Well Dan, thank you so much for your time today. We’re going to wrap this up but we will have more interesting and informative video interviews with Dan in the coming months. If you want to get a hold of their law firm you can follow the URL, the website, on the screen and you can also visit their website at Noll-Law.com. Again, that’s Noll-Law.com. Thank you Dan, have a great Thanksgiving.

Daniel: Thank you.

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