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The Use of Private Investigators in Illinois Criminal Cases

Today, we will discuss how our Criminal Defense Lawyers use private investigators to defend our clients. In Illinois, Private Investigators are licensed through the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation. Our law office only uses experienced, licensed investigators when defending our clients.

What does a Person have to do to become a Licensed Private Investigator?

To become a licensed private investigator in Illinois, a person must pass a 90 minute, 75 question test. The exam covers state and federal law and detective practices. In addition, the individual must have the proper educational background or work experience in a related field. Most private investigators hold criminal justice degrees or are former police officers.How we use of Investigators

A Complete Legal Defense Team

At the Noll Law Office, we use our private investigators for a variety of tasks. The most important job they are given is to interview potential witnesses. These interviews can vindicate clients and prove their innocence. Often times, police reports only give one side of the story – their side. However, simply because something is written down by a police officer does not mean that is what happened or that is even what the witness said. Having investigators speak with potential witnesses can develop helpful facts for trial and cause cases to be dismissed.

In addition to interviewing witnesses, we have investigators take photographs of crime scenes. These photographs can be used to attack the credibility of eye-witnesses by demonstrating that they could not see what they are claiming. On the flip side, photographs can be used to bolster our defense witnesses. Having investigators examine a crime scene can also develop additional evidence that the police may have missed such as security cameras or additional eye-witnesses.

Finally, we use private investigators to serve subpoenas. These subpoenas could be to produce documents or people for trial. By having a licensed private investigator serve a subpoena on an individual, we are assured that if they do not show up that the judge will send the county sheriff to bring the person to court. Moreover, our investigators can help coordinate witnesses to insure the trial moves smoothly.

Are Investigators

At the Noll Law Office, we have a great relationship with Bill Clutter Investigations, Inc. Bill Clutter has over 20 years experience as a private investigator including exonerating a number of individuals on death row.

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