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Can a Lawyer get my Drug Charges Reduced?

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers are often asked if drug charges can be reduced. Most of the time, the answer is yes! Our lawyers have a great track record of getting drug charges reduced from felonies to misdemeanors from higher class felonies to lower class felonies. If you are charged with a Drug Crime in Springfield, Illinois or anywhere in Central Illinois, please contact our lawyers today at (217) 414-8889 for a Free Initial Consultation.

Drug Charges

In the past, our lawyers have been extremely successful in obtaining reduced sentences for clients who are charged with selling or possessing drugs. Whether it is getting a marijuana charge reduced to a misdemeanor or obtaining a sentence of probation for our clients, we have been able to negotiate with the prosecutor to obtain favorable results for our clients.

We are able to obtain these results for our clients for two reasons: 1) we are highly experienced and trained in all aspects of drug crimes and 2) we go to trial. Our Criminal Defense Lawyers have the knowledge and experience needed to represent clients on all drug charges including marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin. We have proven to the prosecutors that we are able to be successful in court and use that as leverage for the benefit of our clients. In addition, the authorities know that we will go to trial and fight for our clients in court. When they know that they may lose in court, they are more willing to discuss favorable plea negotiations.

How do I get a Reduced Charge?

The best thing a person can do to get a reduced charge is to contact an experienced and qualified criminal defense lawyer. If a person goes to court and represents themselves or hires a lawyer who does not know what they are doing, the prosecutor will likely take advantage of them. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer with experience can save a client from a lengthy prison sentence or from a felony conviction.

This can have a huge ramification moving forward in a person’s life. A qualified lawyer may prevent future ramifications from negatively effecting school, employment or a person’s criminal record. In addition, if handled properly, it may help keep a person’s criminal record clean.

Regardless of the offense, if you are charged with a crime in Central Illinois, contact our Criminal Defense Lawyers today for a Free Initial Consultation at (217) 414-8889 and don’t forget to Like Us on Facebook.


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