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Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer for Expungement in Sangamon County, Illinois?

If you have been arrested or received supervision in Springfield, you may be eligible for Expungement. Expungement is the process of petitioning the court to order the authorities to destroy any record they may have of your criminal history. If you have gone to the Sangamon County Circuit Clerk’s Office, they may have given you a packet of information for you to fill out. However, if you have read the Expungement Statute, you may find it complex and if you improperly file for an expungement you may not expunge everything.

The Expungement Statute is Complex

The Illinois Expungement Statute outlines many factors which make a person eligible for expungement including the offense, the date of arrest, the disposition, and the date a person ended supervision. If you are unfamiliar with the statute, you may believe that you are eligible for expungement when you are not. If you are not eligible for expungement, you may be eligible to seal your record or Executive Clemency. These issues get only more complex when a person has more than one arrest.

A Lawyer can Insure that All Agencies Expunge their Records

Most laypeople do not understand how many law enforcement agencies interact with a person when they are arrested. When applying for expungement an experienced criminal defense lawyer will know what agencies were involved in your arrest and insure that the paperwork reflects that. For example, a person who arrested for retail theft and subsequently charged, may not know that the Sangamon County Circuit Clerk actually has two files on the person: a misdemeanor (CM) and a no-complaint (NC). If both of those files are not expunged, employers will have access to your criminal history.


In sum, it is best to speak with a qualified attorney if you are seeking an expungement. Our Expungement Lawyers offer a Free Initial Consultation at (217) 414-8889. We would be more than willing to speak with you to discuss whether you are eligible for expungement, sealment, or Executive Clemency as well as your likelihood of success.

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