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Can You Drink Alcohol At All Before Driving In Illinois?

View the video interview here: Can You Drink Alcohol At All Before Driving In Illinois?

Dan Stratford: What does all this mean for the Holiday driver? Should they not have a single drink if they’re going to be driving or can they still drink a certain amount and be safe to drive? Both, safe so that they don’t hurt someone else, and also safe from that they’re going to be under the legal limit perspective.

Dan Noll: The best advice you can get is if you’re going to drink don’t drive. Drinking and driving per se is not illegal. Drinking and driving and being above the limit presumes that you are under the influence of alcohol. So, you can have a drink and drive but you can’t be under the influence and drive. The best thing for everybody to insure a happy holiday is if you’re going to drink get a designated driver, get a taxi, whatever it costs. That $10.00 taxi ride could save you thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees and legal cost and court cost and everything else. So the best thing to do is if you’re going to drink just don’t drive. Play it smart, be mindful of the officers out there who are doing their job and trying to make sure the roads are safe. But, if you’re ever caught just remember to keep your mouth shut and call an attorney as quickly as you possibly can.

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