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How Much Jail Time Does A First Time DUI Offender Face In Illinois? Part 1 of 3

View the video interview here: How Much Jail Time Does A First Time DUI Offender Face In Illinois?

Dan Stratford: If someone is pulled over while driving and accused of a DUI and then arrested, what kind of immediate jail time will they likely face?

Daniel Noll: For purposes of this question, Dan, let’s just assume that it’s their first DUI. Generally what will happen is the person will be taken into the Sangamon County Jail if the DUI was in Springfield, Illinois. They’ll be processed in, a bond would likely be set pretty quickly, that could be somewhere in the neighborhood of posting $100 to $300. Again, in this discussion I’m assuming there hasn’t been an accident or nobody’s been killed or anything like this, it’s just a run of the mill DUI. You’re driving and the officer says you were speeding and they pull you over.
Generally a person can look at being in custody for a couple of hours and they’ll set up a bond and get the person out of there. There’s a couple of reasons for that, the jail’s overcrowded and they don’t like keeping people in so they try to get them processed in. The other thing to think about is when you are arrested for DUI if it’s your first one, they will put an administrative hold for 12 hours on your vehicle. It’s not something that your car’s waiting outside of the jail, you can get back in and drive away. You have to wait that 12 hours to get your car back but that doesn’t mean they will keep you in jail for 12 hours. Generally people are in and out within three to four hours.

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