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How Much Jail Time Does A First Time DUI Offender Face In Illinois? Part 2 of 3

View the video interview here: How Much Jail Time Does A First Time DUI Offender Face In Illinois?

Dan Stratford: That’s great information. How soon would they expect to have their first court hearing? And by that I mean, you kind of answered part of that question, I think, is within a few hours they’ll have some kind of interaction that gives them the opportunity to post bond. So address that in a little bit more detail and then after they get out of jail when would they expect to go back to the court after that?

Daniel Noll: When they bond out of jail, either on the citation they are given by the officer or on a bond slip when they post the money, will give them their next court date. Generally it’s about 30 to 45 days from the date of their arrest. However, one important aspect that people who aren’t involved with DUIs everyday like we are, aren’t aware of is that at the time of your arrest a clock starts ticking. What that clock is on 46th day after your arrest, the Secretary of State will automatically suspend your license between six months to a year.
It is important that once your arrested for a DUI that contact a criminal defense attorney who concentrates with DUIs, like we do, because things need to be challenged, paperwork needs to be filed so you can protect your rights and make sure that your case is handled properly.

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