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How Much Jail Time Does A First Time DUI Offender Face In Illinois? Part 3 of 3

View the video interview here: How Much Jail Time Does A First Time DUI Offender Face In Illinois?

Dan Stratford: Gotcha, okay. What should they expect when they get to DUI court?

Daniel Noll: If you go to DUI court and you don’t have an attorney, you can expect that you will go into court there will be anywhere between 20 other people to 500 other people in the courtroom depending on how many arrests or traffic citations were given in that period of time. You sit there, you wait for your name to be called up, the prosecutor will give you an offer on your case to resolve it short of trail. That offer most likely, there will be a fine, there could be alcohol counseling, what’s known as a victim impact panel and they could offer you supervision or they could not, and that offer will most likely include a suspension of your license. To go into court without an attorney on a DUI, in my opinion, is a critical mistake that a lot of people make because they don’t know any better.
Officers screw these tests up, they screw up the paperwork all the time. And you have to make sure that your rights are protected, that the case was handled and you’re treated fairly. Even if you think you’re guilty of DUI doesn’t mean that’s what the law says, so it’s always good to consult with an attorney who handle driving under the influence cases.

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