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What Geographic Area Does The Noll Law Office Serve? Part 1 of 3

View the video interview here: What Geographic Area Does The Noll Law Office Serve?

Dan Stratford: This is Dan Stratford with C1 Partners here in Denver, Colorado. Today, we’re interviewing Dan Noll, one of the partners at the Noll Law Firm in Springfield, Illinois. Dan’s going to tell us a little bit about his firm, the types of cases they handle. Today, actually we’re going to talk more about the geographic areas that Noll Law Firm serves in the State of Illinois. Dan, just give us an outline of what geographical areas do your clients typically come from?

Daniel Noll: Thanks, Dan. I’d be happy to talk to you about where our clients reside, and where we handle cases. We are located in Springfield, Illinois. Our address is 930 East Monroe. We are located directly across the street from the Sangamon County Courthouse and the Sangamon County Jail. We’re two blocks away from the Federal Courthouse which is at 600 East Monroe Street.
Our office handles any type of criminal case in Sangamon County which is Springfield, Illinois. That includes traffic tickets, traffic citations, driving under the influence or DUI cases, criminal misdemeanors. That could be retail theft, possession of cannabis in small amounts. We also handle felony cases which include drug charges, drug cases, marijuana, cannabis, cocaine, heroin, theft charges, murder cases, guns or weapons crimes. We would handle the full spectrum in Sangamon County. Murder cases also. Anything that involves the police in Sangamon County, we will represent clients on.
We also represent clients in the contiguous counties from Springfield. That includes Decatur, Illinois which is Macon County, Taylorville, Illinois which is Christian County, Petersburg, Illinois which is Menard County, Lincoln, Illinois which is located in the Logan County. I’m probably missing a couple. Virginia, Illinois which is Cass County, and Jacksonville, Illinois which is Morgan County, and Hillsboro, Illinois which is Montgomery County.
In those counties which are contiguous or collar counties around Sangamon County, we would handle all felony cases, and some misdemeanor charges. If you call our office, we would be happy to discuss your case, and determine if it is something that we would handle. But generally speaking, if it is a felony charge, we would be happy to represent anyone in any of those counties. That is just in the State Court System.

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