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Why Should I Hire Noll Law Office As My Federal Defense Attorney?

Over the last 40 years I’ve practiced actively as an attorney. The first few years I was in the United States army as a JAG officer for the 82nd air born division in the Seven Special Forces. JAG is Judge Advocate General. I spent three years as a trial attorney in the military. When I got out, I went into practice with my father who worked primarily in business related items, and I have an expertise on business issues along with matters that would really come into play on white collar crimes. That is, financial related types of offenses.

I also have done more trials in the Central District of Illinois that would be within the Springfield division, the Champaign-Urbana division, Peoria division than any other attorney who’s now practicing. I say that to you in terms of understanding that experience is the best teacher in this arena, and it also helps us avoid, quite often, trials. We know the prosecutors, we know the system, we’ve tried cases, been successful in them in whole or in part. But our biggest emphasis normally is to try to keep our clients from being charged in the first place, and if they are charged, to make sure that we minimize the potential exposure we have.

When a federal indictment is brought, generally the US government has a persuasive case, those are difficult to defend. If anybody tells you that federal cases in the central district of Illinois are a cakewalk, they’re totally misrepresenting themselves. The issues in terms of our ability to represent people, we think, is based upon our experience, our knowledge of the prosecutors, our knowledge of the court system, our knowledge of the clerks and the judges, and everybody involved. So that we’ve developed, I believe, a pretty good reputation for dealing on complex cases, being fair with our clients, and also ensuring that our clients receive the best representation possible.

Over the years, we’ve dealt with a number of attorneys who act as co-counsel with us. These individuals have gone on to be very successful judges. They’ve gone on to be very successful attorneys so that I specifically have mentored probably 10 to 15 attorneys, and helped them become, hopefully, better attorneys, better judges and what have you in the practice itself. So when you think of hiring a law firm, we’d like you to consider ours, because we believe we can provide the best representation to you at the lowest cost with the most vigorous advocacy available anywhere in the central district of Illinois.

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