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What Type Of Cases Does Noll Law Office Handle In Federal Court? Part 1 of 2

In the Central District of Illinois, there are a wide variety of cases that one may represent an individual. The types of cases we have seen vary from time-to-time because the charging authorities that would be the FBI or the IRS, DEAs, entities of that nature changed their own priorities. 15-20 years ago, there was no such thing as terrorist. 30-40 years ago, the drug issues were not what they are today for instance, methamphetamine was barely known, so that we have a broad array of experience in cases. Fraud cases, that is people being defrauded or perpetrating schemes to defraud, had been there all these years that we’ve practiced.  But the primary issues that come up in federal court tend to be white collar crimes and those are crimes that involve money, deception, political favors, and things of that nature.

In the Central District of Illinois, there are a number of cases that come. There are very active drug and interdiction programs so you can end up representing people on major conspiracy cases. You may have conspiracy with fraud, you may have conspiracy with drugs, and you can have a conspiracy with any number of things. We have also represented people on bank robberies over the years. We’ve represented people on child pornography. We have represented numerous people on threats from financial institutions where the teller or the individual may have in a moment of weakness, taken monies from the institution.  So that is a wide variety, almost any type of federal case that one would have short of admiralty. We don’t have too many oceans here in Illinois short of admiralty.

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