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What Type Of Cases Does Noll Law Office Handle In Federal Court? Part 2 of 2

We have done cases here in the Central District of Illinois, primarily in the criminal area, but we also do a number of civil cases representing people who the civil rights have been violated or the American Disabilities Act. We’ve opened those doors for people and have vigorously represented individuals in those particular areas. About anything that can be a federal offense with the primary things being fraud, drugs, and child pornography today is a major issue, computer frauds, and things of that nature. We have a wide variety of people who assist us in our representation.

We’ll have psychiatrists, psychologists who help us with certain manners. We have computer expert who’s with the University of Illinois who go into computer and diagnose and relate certain items. We’ve had forensic accountants. We have business experts who assist us. We really like to think that we put together a team on any particular issue, and we tailor our team accordingly in terms of what we might need in terms of the accounting, in terms of the business, in terms of any type of electronic surveillances of that nature. Those are the types of cases we do. For the most part, those are the matters that we go to trial on. We always allow our clients to make the final decision as to whether or not to go to trial.

We give our recommendations but the decision as to whether to do the trial or not is their decision and their decision alone, so that ultimately the client makes that choice. We stand by that and we vigorously advocate their positions and have done so successfully in front of juries and judges over the years.

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