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Will Noll Law Office Take My Case To Trial?

We are often asked, Can you beat this case? Now that is a tough question to answer and the reason is because every case is different. We can tell you that if you have a defendable case or if you have a case, our office will put you in the best possible position anybody in the world can put you in.

Now we don’t know what that is right when you walk into the door, but after we review the evidence, talk to witnesses, talk to the prosecutor, we are confident that our office can put you in the best possible position.

Now sometimes that means going to trial, sometimes that means taking a plea, sometimes that means getting the case dismissed before a trial. It’s tough to say but our office is willing to go to trial. We go to jury trial very often. We do a number of cases every month or every other month that we take in front of a jury. This is in our opinion is the only way to practice criminal law. Because number one you can’t win pleading guilty all the time, and number two the prosecutors know which attorneys do not go to trial. We believe that we get better offers for our clients because they know we will go to trial.

If you are looking to have an attorney who aggressively advocates for their clients, will go all the way for their clients, will go to trial, and will do the whole nine yards. We would be happy to speak to you, we would be happy to represent you and we look forward to taking your case.

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