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Will Noll Law Bail Me Out Of Jail?

noll law bondI cannot tell you how many times our office has gotten a call late at night or on the weekend for setting a bond. Setting a bond is an important thing. Something gets pulled in. They have employment, they have family. They get arrested for something, especially at Friday night, 11 at night. There will be a judge who goes in on Sunday morning to set bonds, but quite often the individual obviously doesn’t want to sit in jail. They want to be bonded out.

We set bonds all the time. Call our office at 217-544-8441. If you need bonds set, we’ll do it. They’re judges who are on call. If you’re going to call at 11:00 at night on a Friday night, not going to handle it until probably about 8 the next morning. There’s a state attorney who’s on call. Those are people we deal with all the time. We check into the criminal history category and we check in to the actual basis of why the person was arrested. Those are kinds of factors you have to look at. Is the person who’s getting bonded out a threat to the community or to the husband or wife that has allegedly beaten? Is the person likely to flee the jurisdiction? Do they have a criminal history? What’s the seriousness of the case? Those are factors that go into setting a bond, but we do it all the time. It may not be the bond you want, but we will get a bond set for you so that your family can start putting together the necessary funds in order to get you out on a bond.

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