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Can The Noll Law Office Help Me With Tax Fraud Case

noll tax fraudOften times people will have problems with the IRS that may shock you, but the IRS is notorious for a number of different matters. We have done a tremendous number of cases where the IRS was claiming some type of fraud on behalf of our clients. When I went to law school, I didn’t like studying tax law. I didn’t like taking exams in tax law, but I did. Nonetheless, I don’t profess to be a tax expert, but I can hire a tax expert. I can find somebody who can give me the answers to questions that I have, and I can structure those answers into a viable defense, and that’s what we have done. CPAs are excellent, excellent expert witnesses for us to use. CPAs who have represented or provided assistance to the client previously are fantastic. They know what’s going on, they understand what the dollar issues are and really help us refute the IRS activities. We have been, and I’m going to say this, I’m a good American, spent time in the army and all the rest, but the IRS really tends to overreach on individuals.

With our firm, with a good accountant who knows the factual background, we have been able to put up very viable and successful defenses. I’m very pleased with how we’ve handled the IRS. They may not like me, they may do an audit on me next week because of this video but so be it.

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