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How Does Noll Law Handle Embezzlement Charges?

embezzlement chargesOver the years we have handled a number of fraud and embezzlement cases. They are everything from monies from banks, to private entities, to just outright theft of personal property. Generally, our experience is the sooner those are resolved, the better disposition we get for our client, assuming the case can be proven. Now, the victim in the case is usually very upset, emotionally upset. They’re trust has been violated. “I trusted you. I gave you this money. I gave you these check books and you went and took money.” They can be difficult cases to handle.

Eventually, if you have the right attitude and the right approach with the prosecutor, with the complaining witness, the victim in the case, things can come out just fine. There are going to be such things as subpoenas for your phone records subpoenas for your bank records. Spouses and family members are going to be questioned about it. They are very difficult cases to do. That’s why I say the sooner it can be resolved, the better it is.

We’ve gone to court on fraud cases and won them before. It is not a slam dunk. Even though money is missing, quite often it is difficult to tell exactly why it is missing. We had one case where the owner was actually taking money out himself and then turned around and blamed it on an employee. We got that taken care of. That places a lot of stress on the employee. Fraud and Embezzlement are often charged, most often you see it in mail fraud and wire fraud at the federal level. You also see it at the state level. You have to have a good accountant. You need to have a good investigator and you have to be willing to go to trial. If an individual is guilty of fraud and embezzlement, recognize it on the front end and resolve it quickly. We have been extremely successful doing that. People like to know the problem is going away. That is, the victims like to know it’s going away. Fraud and embezzlement issues fall into line along those guidelines.

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