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How Does Noll Law Win DUI Cases in Springfield, IL?

win dui cases

The main tool we use to win cases here at Noll Law is combined experience and training in the world of criminal defense and DUI cases. I am certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Administration of Field Sobriety Test, meaning if I was a police officer, I could give a test to motorist should I be allowed to do so by law. Ultimately what that means is our office knows how field sobriety testing is supposed to work and we are able to attack those field sobriety with our superior knowledge.

Other things that we were able to do we have experts in terms of field sobriety expert. Should we need to call them drug or chemical experts are all available to our office and it’s really depending on a case by case basis if we believe that it is required. But our office more than willing to sit down with you, discuss your case, see what types of items maybe needed for example if we need a private investigator to go out and interview witnesses, we have one of those at our disposal. In any given case you could need any given expert or tool and we have a vast array of experts and tools at our disposal.

That said the best tool we have at our disposal is our knowledge, our dedication and our willingness to proceed forward to trial, to challenge the states evidence and hopefully ultimately acquit the individual of all charges.

The lawyers at the Noll Law Office are skilled criminal defense attorneys who emphasize communication and honesty. Our lawyers utilize their training, knowledge and skills to defend our client’s Constitutional rights. If you have been charged with a criminal offense, don’t talk to anyone until you talk to Noll.

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