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5 Things to Know About Illinois Sex Offender Registration Laws

Illinois’ sex offender registration laws require any person convicted of a sex offense to register. These laws are so strict that a person may have to register even if he or she is not actually convicted of a sex offense. The length of a time for which a person must register depends on the crime, but in all cases, a person must register with the local police department annually for as long as the law requires.

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Crimes that require registration

The registration laws are designed to protect people from sexual predators and offenders. As a result, anyone who is convicted a “sex offense” or an attempt at one must register. The act includes crimes such as having child pornography, indecently soliciting a child, sexual assault and sexual abuse. Some other crimes also require registration, including kidnapping and a conviction for murder in the first degree.

A sex offense conviction is not required

Illinois’ sex crime laws can require someone to register as a sex offender even if he or she was not convicted. For example, a person who is found not guilty because of insanity of a sex offense has to register, and the same applies to a person who had findings in court for a sex offense and was not convicted or acquitted.

The length of registration time

A person who is convicted of a sex offense must register every year for ten years. He or she has to register in person within three days of moving into a municipality or before one year passes since the last registration. The ten-year register period begins as soon as the person is released from jail or receives probation, and a probation violation can make the ten-year period start over again.

If a person who is supposed to register does not do so, he or she can be required to register every three months and the ten-year period can be extended for another ten years. If the person is labeled a sexual predator or sexually violent or dangerous in court or was convicted of first-degree murder, he or she has to register every three months for the rest of his or her life.

Registration requirements overview

To comply with sex offender registration laws, people have to register in person with the chief of police where they live. They have to bring items such as a current photo, current contact information for themselves and their employer, a list of all internet identities—including email addresses and chat room IDs—and a copy of their parole or release terms and information on any vehicles registered in their names. They also have to give details about the crime and the victim.

Registered sex offender restrictions

Registered sex offenders can’t live near a school or be within 500 feet of any school property unless they have permission from the school board or superintendent. If they have a child at a school, they can go there to attend a conference or meeting about their child or a meeting about student issues that concern their child. The registration laws also forbid registered offenders from being in a public park or in buildings in a public park.

Anyone who was convicted of a sex offense after 2010 is banned from using social media websites while on probation, mandatory supervised release or parole. While they can live with a person under 18, they do have to report to local police within three days of moving into a place with a child who is under 18 and not their child.

The sex offender registration requirement is a serious burden. If you’ve been accused of a sexual offense, contact a criminal defense attorney in Springfield IL today.

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