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How Is Federal Criminal Defense Different From the State?

We’re talking about here federal criminal defense. Our office, our firm has experience in criminal defense. We’ve had so in the last 40 years. Federal criminal defense is very unique. You can take an attorney who really knows the state law well, state procedures well, state court well, and put them into federal court and it can be a unique experience for that individual to the point where they are a little disoriented if you will. You have to find attorneys who know what is involved in the federal court system. The planned actions by the probation officer, by the magistrate, by the court itself, in terms of anything from continuances to trial. We have that experience. It is unique. Federal court is extremely different from state court. Understand this.

Get a firm that’s experienced in doing federal court work. We do more than any other law firm in Central Illinois, in terms of federal court. I’m talking about private law firm. The public defenders do more. At the same time, I want you to understand that there are very good attorneys in Central Illinois who do federal work. We think we have the most experience. We have the most number of cases that have gone to trial. We have the most dismissals when cases are not going to trial. When I say that we’re not sitting here telling you we can guarantee you a favorable disposition, but we can guarantee you we will fight like hell to get you a favorable disposition.

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