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What Are the Costs of Litigating a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

The cost of personal injury lawsuits can very extremely. With the typical fender bender where somebody maybe had a broken leg and can’t work, the cost can be somewhat low. You’ll need to take an expert’s testimony about how the leg was broken and probably pay for some court reporting costs and other things like that, but generally you can go to trial with less than $10,000. They go up exponentially from there. A medical malpractice wrongful death, that could cost 80 to $130,000 to go to trial.

It depends on the facts and circumstances of each case, which is why you’re going to want to talk to an attorney and make sure they have a full copy of any records, police reports, investigative documents and things like that, because it’s such a huge array of cost. Most attorneys, if it’s a valid case, will do something called a contingency fee arrangement, which is where you don’t have to pay for that representation or the cost of litigation unless the attorney is successful in obtaining a settlement for you or going to trial and getting a jury verdict on your behalf, but there’s no way to really tell how much the cost of litigation would be unless you had further facts to review.

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