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How Do I Set Bond For An Incarcerated Family Member?

Bond can be set in a variety of ways. Sometimes a judge will issue an arrest warrant, and that arrest warrant will have attached to it a certain dollar amount that the person needs to post. Once they are arrested, if they cannot meet that bond, you can go in front of the judge and ask for a bond reduction and explain to the judge, “I’m not a risk of flight or a danger to the community. We cannot afford the $25,000 but we could come up with $10,000.”

Other times there are cases where bond is not allowable for a certain period of time, specifically violations of order of protection. If you are arrested, the judge will not immediately set bond. State law requires that the judge have a risk assessment done for that person.

Other cases are statutorily set. If you’re arrested for a DUI or a retail theft, they will automatically set a bond. Other cases, we can help get bond set. If you were arrested for a drug case after hours, we may be able to contact the prosecutor, get a judge on call, and see if we can get bond set before the next day.

Otherwise, in Sangamon County, generally speaking, if a person is arrested on a Monday after about noon, they will have bond set by 11 a.m. the next morning and they will be brought in front of a judge at 2:30 that next day. If a person has been arrested. Feel free to give us a call, explain the situation to us, and we can help you get bond set, figure out if we can get the bond reduced or anything else related to the incarceration of the individual.

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