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How Can Noll Law Help Me With a Wrongful Death Case?

Generally what’s going to happen is the Noll Law Office is going to court for you and open a probate estate. That happens usually in the county in which the person who passed away lived and it gets something either called the independent letters of administration or have somebody appointed as executor pursuant to the deceased person’s will.

Once that paperwork is completed, it gives the person the right to file the wrongful death suit. The wrongful death suit is generally filed wherever the wrongful death occurred. It could be in that county but it might be a different one. The attorney will need to go through and diagnose what the causes of death were and who the proper defendants were and get the litigation going, and potentially file other accounts as well, survival actions, parental contribution acts and things of that nature.

It can get a little bit complicated so you’ll probably need to talk with an attorney to make sure the paperwork’s done correctly.

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