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How Can Noll Law Help Me With A Criminal Defense Case?

The Noll Law Office represents clients throughout central Illinois on a variety of state and federal criminal charges. State charges could include anything from traffic offenses, DUIs, order of protection cases, burglary. Federal cases are a little bit different, they have to have specific jurisdiction. Most federal cases can, again, be drug crimes, gun crimes, white collar crimes, fraud cases, embezzlement, those types of things.

What we do that we believe is different than most people is, number one, we take a tremendous amount off time to listen to our clients, get their version of events, see if there’s any investigation that we need to do to help bolster our clients defense. We will take time to discuss with the prosecuting authority, whether it’s the state’s attorney’s office, the federal prosecutor, what types of options our client has. Sometimes we’re able to get certain dispositions, such as probations, where the person is charged with a felony but does not end up with a felony conviction once everything is said and done. Or get a felony down to a misdemeanor, or a misdemeanor dismissed, or get them court supervision. Each person’s case is a little bit different, because each person is different, their criminal history is a factor, but we will sit down with the state’s attorney’s office, discuss any options, talk to our client about it, and we will also go to trial.

We are trail attorneys. Every attorney in this office has significant jury trial experience. We will present a case to the jury and hopefully we get a person acquitted. We have won numerous cases throughout the years, big cases, small cases, but those don’t particularly matter to whoever is watching this video. They’re concerned about their case, and we take each and every one of our cases very seriously and try to get the best possible disposition for everybody involved.

If you or somebody you know has been charged with a criminal case, whether it’s a traffic ticket, DUI, or first degree murder, or anything else in between,please give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss it with you and see what type of options we can specifically do to help you.

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