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Why Is It Important To Have Personal Injury Lawyer?

It is important to have a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyer on your side for your lawsuit. There’s a couple of reasons why. Number one, the insurance adjuster does not work for you. They work for the insurance company, and their job is not make sure you get the most money. It’s the opposite, to make sure you get the least amount of money. The insurance company, beyond the adjuster, will hire attorneys who’ve been trained and are presumably competent attorneys themselves. A person who has no legal experience should not be walking into the deep end of a pool filled with a bunch of sharks. They’re going to take advantage of you.

What we can do is help guide you through that process, make sure that your claim and injury is properly compensated and that you’re treated fairly throughout the process. One example I like to give is a person who called our office. They were involved in a car accident, and it wasn’t their fault. They had an injury. It was a burn on their arm from an airbag deployment, and they said, “Well, the insurance company has offered us $2500, and I’m trying to figure out if that’s a reasonable number to take it.”

We said, “We can’t answer that question.” The reason we couldn’t answer that question is because we didn’t have copies of their medical records. We didn’t know at that point in time is whether the person would need plastic surgery or any sort of rehabilitative therapy that would help them later on down the road. The insurance company essentially gave them a low ball offer, hoping that they would go away, and if the person took that and six months later they needed a $25,000 plastic surgery, it’s too late. You can’t be compensated for that.

Our office makes sure that all the records are obtained, we have all the information in front of us before we make a final determination on exactly how and where we should proceed. If you’ve been injured in any sort of accident or have any sort of personal injury claim, we would love to sit down and speak with you at no charge to you, discuss the facts of your case, and tell you how we can be of help.

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