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Springfield IL Nursing Homes Cited for Substandard Care

On July 24, 2018, the State Journal Register published an article which reported that 2 Springfield nursing homes were cited for substandard care. The article can be found: here.

The article reported that Bridge Care Suites is disputing the $25,000 imposed by the Illinois Department of Public Health for failing to ensure that safety measures were in place to prevent resident from falling out of their beds. Citing the report from the Illinois Department of Public Health, the nursing home “failed to ensure that safety measures including side rails, adequate supervision, safe positioning in bed, and assistance were implemented to prevent falls from six residents.” The report documented that a resident “slid off the bed onto the floor on [her] left side.” This resident suffered a head injury to which she was taken to the emergency room. Importantly, it was noted that Bridge Care Suites’ own written report gave no explanation on how she fell off the bed according to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

In another investigation, the article reported that Aperion Care Capitol was also fined $25,000 for failing to ensure there were appropriately trained staff to reinsert a feeding tube that fell out of a resident. According to that Illinois Department of Public Health report, a gastronomy tube was accidently dislodged when two nursing assistants were removing the resident’s shirt. The tube was replaced by a licensed practical nurse who had been employed by Aperion for a year and a half. The LPN stated that he had never been trained on tube placements but had done it on other jobs.

After the resident had the tube replaced, the resident was never sent for an x-ray to check to make sure the tube was properly placed. Ultimately, the resident was sent to the emergency room with abdominal pain where he was diagnosed with an bowel obstruction caused by an improperly placed catheter designed to function as a gastronomy tube.

As Springfield, Illinois Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorneys,  our office often investigates alleged abuse and neglect that happens to residents in nursing homes. It is important to take away a few things from this article. First, if you believe that your loved one is not getting proper medical care, take the time to write down your concerns and give them to the facility and their treating physician(s). Make sure that you keep a copy of this letter for your own records. Second, if you believe that your loved one is being intentionally abused, call the police and let them conduct an investigation. Third, make a report with the Illinois Department of Public Health. They conduct investigations at no expense and will interview all of the witnesses. The results of these investigations are the basis for the State Journal Register article. Fourth, order a copy of the medical records for your loved one so you can actually see what care your loved one is receiving. Unfortunately, it is often too late until a family is notified of substandard treatment. It is common for a family member to learn of subpar care after their loved one has been admitted in an emergency room or upon their death.

Finally, residents have a cause of action against the nursing home if they have been injured. The fines imposed by the state do not go to the residents or their families. Those are punitive in nature and are collected by the State of Illinois. Residents will need to file a lawsuit in order to collect money for additional medical bills, pain and suffering, future medical needs and loss of consortium. Those are all issues that our lawyers are more than willing to discuss at an appointment.

If you or your loved one has been injured by a nursing home’s negligence or intentional abuse, our Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers are willing to meet with you for a Free Initial Consultation. We can be reached at (217)414-8889.

The nursing homes have both denied wrongdoing and hearings are set for  August and September of 2018. The Noll Law Office, LLC does not represent the residents and is solely basing this article off of the reporting from the State Journal Register and the reports from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

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