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TASC Probation

TASC probation is a sentencing option which is available under certain circumstances. Its benefit is that a conviction is not entered, and your criminal record can later be expunged.

A person does not need to be charged with a drug crime to be eligible for TASC probation. However, the individual would need to be evaluated to determine if he or she has drug or substance abuse problems.

Under the Illinois Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependency Act, a person charged with a crime can request evaluation for TASC. Not all defendants are eligible for TASC probation, however, and even if the court finds that an individual is eligible, it is not guaranteed that this sentencing option will be granted.

Generally, TASC probation is granted if it is determined that a rehabilitation program will be of benefit to the defendant. The person in question also must not be charged with a violent crime, a weapons crime, or be in possession of methamphetamines.

Once a person is approved for TASC probation, a rehabilitation program is designed specifically for that individual. The treatment and TASC probation last for two years. Upon successful completion of the program, the court will enter an order vacating the conviction. The arrest record will then be eligible to be expunged five years after the probation period is concluded.

If you are charged with a crime and want to know whether you are eligible for TASC probation, please contact one of the criminal defense lawyers at the Noll Law Office in Springfield, Illinois at (217) 414-8889 for a free and initial consultation today.

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