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Methamphetamine Defense

Have you been charged with Possession of Methamphetamine, Precursor, Participation in Methamphetamine Manufacturing, or Manufacture/Delivery of Methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine is a dangerous drug both to produce and use. Illinois has enacted the Methamphetamine Control and Community Protection Act which governs the prosecution of meth related offenses.

If you have been charged with possessing, producing, selling or distributing methamphetamine,our Methamphetamine Drug Defense Attorneys offer a free initial consultation to discuss your charges as well as what legal rights you have.


Possession is a felony offense. The penalties can range from probation up to life in prison. You need an experienced, competent attorney to fight for you and discover the weaknesses of the prosecutions’ case.

Possession of methamphetamine precursor, or the ingredients used in cooking methamphetamine, is a serious felony. Possession of anhydrous ammonia and pseudoephedrine pills are the most commonly charged methamphetamine precursors. Depending on the substance and the quantity, someone charged with Possession of Methamphetamine Precursor could be facing a minimum sentence of 12 years in the Department of Corrections.

The criminal defense lawyers at the Noll Law Office are experienced, aggressive attorneys who understand the potential penalties and ramifications related to methamphetamine charges. If you are charged with Possession of Methamphetamine or Possession of Methamphetamine Precursor, it is important that you sit down with a criminal defense attorney to discuss the facts of your case and your Constitutional rights.


Methamphetamine manufacturing is prosecuted aggressively in Illinois by both state and federal agencies. Production of methamphetamine and participation in methamphetamine manufacturing are serious felony offenses with potentially large prison sentences.

Our criminal defense lawyers have a solid understanding of all aspects of methamphetamine including cooking meth, obtaining anhydrous ammonia, purchasing (smurfing) pseudoephedrine pills and the distribution of methamphetamine. Our office works with leading experts in the field of methamphetamine production and methamphetamine distribution to defend our cases.

If you are currently being investigated for methamphetamine production or have already been charged, our methamphetamine defense lawyers offer free initial consultations to discuss the facts of your case and explain your Constitutional rights.


People v. A.C. (2013)
A.C. was charged with conspiracy to commit methamphetamine production and possession of methamphetamine precursor. Our office did an extensive pretrial investigation and filed a motion for speedy trial. A.C. was looking at a sentence of 12-60 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections. Based upon our investigation and aggressive trial strategy, we were able to negotiate a reduced sentence of 3 years in the Department of Corrections with a bootcamp recommendation. Our client served approximately 150  days of incarceration.

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