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Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers Springfield IL

Federal crimes encompass any violation of Federal law. Often times, criminal conduct can violate both state and federal law. People are often confused about whether they have a federal case or their case may be picked up by the United States Attorney’s Office. For example, drug charges and weapons offenses may be prosecuted in either state court or federal court.

The lawyers at the Noll Law Office have concentrated in Federal Criminal Defense for over 40 years. We represent clients throughout the Federal Central District of Illinois which includes the Springfield, Peoria and Urbana, Illinois federal courts. All of the lawyers at the Noll Law Office have tried jury cases to verdict and represented clients on Federal Death Penalty Murder charges.

Our lawyers are experienced and established in defending clients on federal cocaine charges, federal methamphetamine cases, federal marijuana (cannabis) charges and federal weapons violations throughout the Central District of Illinois. In addition, our Federal Defense Lawyers are experienced in defending those accused of White Collar Crimes including Bank Fraud, Counterfeiting, Mail Fraud, Money Laundering, and Wire Fraud.
Federal Crimes include:

Many cases in Federal Court are charged as conspiracy cases. Whether it is a drug conspiracy or a fraud conspiracy, the Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers at the Noll Law Office understand the methods and tactics the United States Attorney’s Office use as well as the investigating law enforcement entity. Conspiracy charges can be complex and involve numerous police agencies such as the FBI, DEA, IRS, DHS and local police departments. Whether you are alleged to be the ring leader of a gigantic cocaine conspiracy or you are alleged to be a relatively minor conspirator, our lawyers will aggressively defend your rights and explore all possible defenses.

Federal authorities and Federal Agents can take years to investigate possible criminal charges. This is especially true regarding white collar crimes such as Tax Evasion or Bank Fraud. If you are contacted by a Federal Agent or receive a grand jury subpoena, contact the Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers at the Noll Law Office at (217) 414-8889 for a free initial consultation.

Our Defense Attorneys have successfully handled numerous pending federal investigations. Often times, getting immediate and qualified representation can prevent charges from being filed against you or the defense lawyers are successful at getting reduced charges to minimize potential damage.

If you have been charged with a federal crime or are being investigated for a federal crime, contact the lawyers at the Noll Law Office today at (217) 414-8889 for a free and confidential initial consultation.


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