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Potential Defenses

If you are accused of a crime, there are several different avenues your defense might take. The attorneys at Noll Law Office LLC have both the expertise and experience to offer a vigorous defense, no matter what the charges may be.

The most common defenses are:

A cornerstone of our justice system is that you are presumed innocent until you have been proven guilty in a court of law. The prosecution retains the burden of proof — in other words, those bringing charges against you must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The most common defense is reasonable doubt, which alleges the prosecutor has insufficient evidence to prove you guilty.

Our criminal defense lawyers know how to derive favorable evidence out of adverse witnesses through cross-examination. Their techniques and expertise help cast doubt on the state’s case and lead to acquittals in front of the jury.

In other cases, your defense might be based on the notion of self-defense. Were you involved in an altercation only because you were physically attacked by another person? Or did a history of previous abuse make your believe you had a reason to feel threatened? In cases such as this, your attorney might claim self-defense.

Sometimes, you might be accused of a crime when you were actually nowhere near the scene at the time of the incident. In cases like this, your attorney can present an alibi to the court. This means that you can prove, often through the testimony of eyewitnesses, that you could not have committed the crime because you were elsewhere when it happened.

The attorneys at Noll Law Office will work tirelessly in order to craft the most effective defense possible in your case. If you have been charged with a crime, contact our criminal defense lawyers today at (217) 414-8889 for a free initial consultation.

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