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Order of Protection

In Illinois, there are two types of restraining orders – Orders of Protection and Civil No Contact Orders. The difference between the two restraining orders is the relationship between the parties. An Order of Protection requires a familial relationship or dating relationship where a Civil No Contact Order does not.

An order of protection was designed to act as a barrier between two people. Generally speaking, the petitioner (a person who feels like they have been threatened, intimidated, or stalked) gets an Emergency Order of Protection against the Respondent (the person who is alleged to have threatened, intimidated, or stalked the Petitioner). Orders of Protection were designed to act as a shield to protect individuals from future harm. Unfortunately, in Illinois, people use Orders of Protection or Civil No Contact Orders as a sword to emotionally and legally harm others.

The Order of Protection Defense Lawyers at the Noll Law Office in Springfield, Illinois understand that people try to manipulate the system and misuse Orders of Protection to your detriment. People often walk into court without legal representation and do not understand the ramifications of Order of Protections and Civil No Contact Orders. For example, an Order of Protection can cause you to lose your right to possess a firearm, restrict your movement, or cost you your job. Our Sangamon County Criminal Defense Lawyers will listen to your side of the story, explore the circumstances which led to the filing of an order of protection and determine your best defense.


The Criminal Defense lawyers at the Noll Law Office in Springfield, Illinois offer free and confidential initial consultations to discuss your case, identify defenses, and explain your rights. Weekend and After Hours appointments are available.

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