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Criminal Defense Attorneys Springfield, IL

Finding a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer can be a daunting task. You need to know that the attorney you hire has the training, knowledge, and experience to defend you or your loved ones. When your future is at risk, there is no alternative but to obtain the best criminal defense lawyer available. You need experienced criminal defense attorneys and DUI lawyers on your side that will fight to protect your rights and ensure that you are treated fairly. Our law firm concentrates in all areas of criminal law including:

Drug Charges

Our lawyers have successfully defended simple possession cases up to complex state and federal drug conspiracy cases.

Federal Criminal Defense

We have significant experience representing those accused of drug crimes, sex crimes, weapons offenses, and white collar crimes in federal court.

Theft Charges

Theft charges encompass a number of criminal offenses: Retail Theft, Burglary, Residential Burglary, White Collar Crimes.

Sex Crimes

If you have been charged with a Sex Crime, you need an aggressive lawyer to defend your rights and challenge the state’s evidence.

Violent Crimes

Many violent crimes carry the potential for long prison sentences and the potential to lose your right to carry a weapon or vote.

Weapons Charges

Possession of a Weapon by a Felon, Aggravated Battery with a Firearm, and Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapons cases

Traffic Offenses

Our firm is home to traffic lawyers in Springfield, IL who have the expertise in formulating solid defenses against road-related violations.

Order of Protection

The Lawyers at the Noll Law Office understand that people try to manipulate the system and misuse Orders of Protection to your detriment.

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Often times, our clients have never been involved in the criminal justice system. This unfamiliarity fuels fear and worry. We can alleviate your concerns and answer your questions during a free initial consultation with our criminal defense attorney, Daniel Noll. We can be reached at (217) 414-8889. Other times, drug addiction is the underlying cause of criminal behavior. Our Springfield, Illinois based Criminal Defense Attorneys are familiar with all types of alternative sentencing options including TASC Probation.

When criminal charges are being investigated or have been brought against you, an aggressive lawyer can make the critical difference in the ultimate outcome of your case. After you have been arrested and before charges have been formally filed, aggressive criminal attorneys are often able to avoid or minimize serious ramifications if immediate action is taken.

The lawyers at the Noll Law Office are skilled criminal defense attorneys who emphasize communication and honesty. Our lawyers utilize their training, knowledge, and skills to defend our client’s Constitutional rights. Our Springfield, Illinois Criminal Defense Lawyers review all cases for any potential search and seizure issues as well as any potential violation of a client’s Constitutional rights. Our law firm has built a reputation in Springfield, Illinois and throughout Central Illinois founded upon vigorous advocacy, client communication, and successful outcomes.

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All Of Our Attorneys Will Go to Trial

DUI Defense

Protecting our client’s driving privileges from DUI charges.

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Daniel Noll

Experienced and respected trial attorney throughout the State of Illinois.

Attorney Profile
Sarah Noll

Vast knowledge of personal injury, workers compensation, and medical malpractice.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

We Will Always Work In Your Best Interest

  • Drew Duzinskas


    While appearing in court for any reason requiring a criminal defense attorney to be present is uncomfortable, the professional service and attention to detail both personally and to my case delivered not only victory at trial but a relative peace of mind through the process. Many thanks and high praise to Dan and Jon for their services. I give a full recommendation of the Noll Law Office should find yourself in need of counsel.

  • Jacqueline Edwards


    Dan and Jon have always been there for my family when we hired them!!! They are amazing people they keep everything truthful with you and always have your back. They are the BEST lawyers hands down nobody around here can do what they can period!!! They make u feel like a part of the family.. I can tell you that they take pride in what they do!!! Thanks Noll Law for EVERYTHING!!! --The Edwards/Jones

  • Joyce Thomas


    Daniel did a wonderful job representing us. We highly recommend him. We got the results we needed. We did not have to court. Daniel took care of that.Thank to him we are back on track where we need to be. Thank you so much.

  • Ken P.


    Dan is an excellent attorney. He explained the legal process to me, kept me updated and took care of everything along the way. I got exactly the result I was looking for and got to keep my license! I highly recommend Noll Law.

  • Mark Polk


    Noll Law Office did a great job of analyzing the case and detailing our options. At all times calls were promptly returned and any questions answered. I highly recommend Noll Law Office for any criminal defense work.

  • MurrayStrong


    Personable people, great prices, carefree experience 5 stars

  • Quron Davis


    5 out of 5 and highly recommended! I accidentally missed a court date and if not for Noll’s Law Office I would have a warrant out for my arrest which would have heavily affected me! Thank You and please come here if you need help!

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