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  • Nov 13

    How Are Drug Charges Handled in Springfield Illinois?

    The first question, of course, is whether it's State charges or Federal charges. Those differ greatly in terms of how they're handled by our office and by the prosecution. The Federal Court grand jury will bring charges. State court generally with drug charges, a grand jury will listen too and ...  Read More

  • Nov 5

    Less Is More | What to Tell Your Criminal Defense Attorney

    When you come in to see one of our criminal defense attorneys in Springfield, IL assuming you're going to retain our office, we will have you do certain things. First of all, generally, and this may surprise a lot of people, we don't ask the person if they're innocent or ...  Read More

  • Oct 29

    How Does Noll Law Handle Embezzlement Charges?

    Over the years we have handled a number of fraud and embezzlement cases. They are everything from monies from banks, to private entities, to just outright theft of personal property. Generally, our experience is the sooner those are resolved, the better disposition we get for our client, assuming the case ...  Read More

  • Oct 25

    Does a Criminal Lawyer Help With Tax Related Charges?

    Often times people will have problems with the IRS that may shock you, but the IRS is notorious for a number of different matters. We have done a tremendous number of cases where the IRS was claiming some type of fraud on behalf of our clients. The lawyers at the Noll ...  Read More

  • Oct 23

    What Are the Different Charges for a DUI in Springfield, IL?

    In Illinois, there are six separate charges that may be brought against a person for driving under the influence. The most common is driving under the influence of alcohol. In order for a person to be proven guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol, the state must prove beyond ...  Read More

  • Oct 18

    Can the Noll Law Office Help Me Get a Bond Set?

    The lawyers at the Noll Law Office are skilled criminal defense attorneys who emphasize communication and honesty. Our lawyers utilize their training, knowledge and skills to defend our client’s Constitutional rights. If you have been charged with a criminal offense, don't talk to anyone until you talk to Noll. The lawyers ...  Read More